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"Kim is incredible! Kim has worked with me to turn my life right side-up again after a traumatic 3 months of pain and dark days. I’ve been able to feel joy and happiness, be highly functioning at work, manage healthy eating and add exercise to my day, and so much more. I really can’t say enough good things about Kim! She’s professional, organized, and inspiring. I really have had some of my best days with her in my corner. Message her today; you won’t regret it!"

- Carla Goodman


"Coach Kim is fantastic. She provided me with a marathon training outline, diet info and assistance with finding a physical therapist to rehab an old injury. She was a joy to work with and made even the toughest runs enjoyable with her positive attitude and hilarious ultra-running stories. I recommend Kim to anyone (at any level of running) and would/will work with her again in the future."

- Laura Meyer

"Kim helped me train for my first marathon! I was so nervous and she was with me anytime I needed! (Lots of texts and questions!) She has great advice, tips, and made sure she pumped me up on race day. I’m so glad I had her help!!"
- Katie Bustos


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