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Best Days!




Master's degree in Education, NASM certified personal trainer, certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, certified Behavior Change Specialist, certified Women's Health and Fitness Specialist, Youth Exercise Specialist, former USA/NIAA certified track coach, and accomplished Ultra-distance trail runner


Hi Friends!

My name is Kimberly Reed, aka, Coach Kim Reed. I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I am now a very happy resident of Henderson, Nevada.

I have a husband,two young children and a dog (running partner). They all keep me on my toes! Being a native to the Las Vegas Valley I was raised playing and running in the desert. It is no wonder that the desert is where I find my happiness now.

For the past 20 years I have been teaching and coaching. In the last 7 years I've been competitively running, teaching Graduate classes at Sierra Nevada University and coaching some amazing people!

Why did I start a coaching business?  10 years ago my first born child passed away at 9 weeks old while awaiting a heart transplant. This tragedy was truly my worst nightmare and sent me into a spiral of grief, anxiety, fear and PTSD. I quickly realized I had two options... The first option was to drown my sorrows and hide from life with alcohol and other avoidance tactics to try and escape the grief that was swallowing me whole. The second option was to figure out how to accept my grief, feel my loss and live a joyous life while honoring myself, my child and my family. I chose the second option. I made the choice to FIX myself. Through a very difficult journey of self-coaching I also found trail running. Running, proper nutrition and outdoor fitness has become the foundation of my coaching ideology. I am a holistic personal coach that will guide you in all aspects of your life with outdoor fitness at the core.

It is my passion to help others create their best days. This might involve a basic running plan to improve your 5k time, run an ultra marathon or improve your health and wellness with weekly sessions involving in-depth discussions and activities to break through mental barriers.

With more than two decades of coaching and teaching experience I am more than qualified to help you create your best days.

Every day should be a best day.

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